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AmeriPaws Puppy Supply is an on-site, convenience puppy supply, owned and operated by my children Brooke & Anthony.  Please note that if you opted for The Complete Service Package, you will receive most of these supplies, however, you'll still need items with an astric, extra training treats, chews, puppy pads, future Heartworm, Flea & Tick Meds, and of course, lots of toys. If you are interested picking up a few necessary supplies, please bring cash. 


  • *Large Double Door Crate with Divider Panel - $72
  • Memory Foam, washable Crate Mat - $5
  • *Play Pen for house training - $42 
  • Lots of toys - you'll need at least 20 to get started to get a 5 day rotation going so they don't get bored of their toys.  Every day give them ~5 toys, the next day take them away and give them a "new" set, place the old into a rotation so that they don't see the "old" toys for at least 5 days!  Please note that The Complete Package comes with ~8-10 play toys**) - all toys are $3 each
  • Interactive toys to keep them busy while they are in their crate, especially important if you are crating them while you are away at work - $3 each
  • Collars, leashes, adjustable pet seat belts - $3 each, Harnesses - $5 each
  • *Training pads - $2/pack
  • *Pooper scoopers - $8, waste bags, & waste bag dispensers - $2 each
  • *Medium & *Large metal food & water dishes - $3 medium, $5 large
  • Training treats, chew treats, (the treats & chews are all natural, pure protein, low cal, tasty, and you can feed them to your pup right away!!  The chews are great to keep your pup busy in their crate.) - $2/bag
  • Small & Large Bags of Puppy Food - small $5, large $22
  • Puppy Probiotics & Joint Supplements - see price sheet on site
  • Dental Kits - $10
  • Martingale Collar $6
  • Training Treat Pouch $4
  • *Adjustable Muzzle (if you have small children, this is a good idea until the pup is no longer mouthing) - $3
    Heartworm Medication, *Flea & Tick Chews - $10/tab or 6 for $50, 1st tab will last you 3 months

  • ​*Puppy Shoes (if you plan to walk outside during warm months, ideal for pups going home May - Sept) - $50
  • *Litter Scented Snuggle Blanket with plush - $3
  • *Hand-Crafted Dog bow ties and collar accessories - $3 
  • Dog Nail Clippers - $3
  • *Hair Thinning scissors - $3
  • *Door Jingle for House Training - $5
  • Mountable Door Bell for House Training - $5

    **subject to change at any time without notice, while supplies last**

AmeriPaws Puppy Supply