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Crate & Doggy Door Training

Crate & Doggy Door Training is limited to 9 pups at a given time - 1st come, 1st serve.  To reserve and guarantee your spot, please pay the fee above.  We will only offer crate training if 2 or more pups are signed up at a time.  So far, we have always had enough participation with our "Just the Pup" & "Complete Packages" but with our "Super Special" packages, we may not be able to offer it if no one else signs up - we don't want your pup to feel lonely and honestly it's not worth the great deal of effort for one pup.

There are HUGE advantages to a crate trained puppy.  First of all, you won't wake up or come home to poop or pee.  Your pup will be able to hold their bowels for up to 10 hours overnight. 2nd, house breaking a crate trained pup is comparatively a breeze and typically only takes a week after going home because they are pre-trained to control their bowels.

Crate training & house breaking a puppy is undoubtedly the hardest part of raising puppies.  We are one of the ONLY breeders that has the ability to successfully crate train your pup before they go home!  

We live in a large house where we maintain a 14' x 20' puppy nursery.  The puppy nursery is well kept and air-conditioned.  This is where your pup can be crate trained but you must opt and pay for it at or before the Puppy Visit & Selection dates.  Pups will be free to roam about in the west wing of our house with access to a doggy door that leads to a large outside enclosed pen where they can play, poop, and pee. 

Before or during Puppy Visits & Selection, you will have the choice to take your pup home, or leave them with us for an additional week to complete crate training.  Pups that are to be crate trained will go home 2 Saturdays later, at approximately 9 weeks.  The absolute goal is to be completely crate & doggy door trained so that they can hold their bowels overnight and know how to use the doggy door to go outside to poop/pee.  (Don't worry if you don't plan to use a doggy door, they will learn to go to the door in the expectation to go outside).  

We'll keep track of how your pup is doing and we'll keep you posted along the way.  (Typically you won't hear from us until week 2, when we start to see progress/success).  Be prepared that during transition (after they go home), as they get acclimated to their new environment, it is normal for them to soil their crates (usually just the 1st night and typically pee only).  In order to maintain crate training, it is imperative that you get them to poop before bed time.  How we do it at our house is I run around the outside of our pen and they follow me and I just keep going back and forth until one by one they all start to squat down to go poop and pee.  If your pup is not pooping before bed, you will have accidents.

Pups that are here for crate training that stay the full 2 weeks may receive a 9 week "all in one" vaccination, a $65 value, plus another Comprehensive De-Worm & Deparasite, a $60 value.

If you select crate training you have 2 options:

Option 1 - $400 - Crate & Doggy Door Training - a good idea if 1 person "stays at home"

Option 2 - $500 - Custom Crate & Doggy Door Training - - ideal if both parents are working full or part time.  I'll collect information on your daily routine to try to match that at our house (within limitations - we crate them no later than 8:30pm and release no sooner than 6am) so that by the time your pup goes home, he/she will be used to the same routine.  Here is a sample custom crate training for Bisbee that we came up with based on their family's routine:

Custom crate for Bisbee:
Release 6am - eat, drink poop, open play for 2 hours with open access to water
Starting @ 8am crate every 2 hours followed by 20 mins of open play & access to H2O
5pm - feed, water, poop, open play till 8:30pm
8:30pm - pee, poop, crate

If you don't opt for crate training

We'll give you instructions on how to properly crate train your pup and offer support along the way.  You'll need a L(42") or XL(48") crate with divider panel, training pads & large / strong tape (or a towel that you can wash daily), and a dark sheet to cover the crate.

Basic Training

Basic Training is limited to 5 pups at a given time - 1st come, 1st serve.  To reserve and guarantee your spot, please pay the fee above.  Basic Training is only available for pups that are staying for Crate & Doggy Door Training and the take home date will be the same for the Crate & Doggy Door Training take home dates.  

While your pup is here for Crate & Doggy Door Training, I will work with your pup on a daily basis, several times a day, to train your pup on the 7 basic commands:  Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Off,  Heel, and No.  I will use positive reinforcement, lures, and the distract/redirect training methods outlined on our Training page and videos page, playing with them in between training sessions to keep it fun.   When you pick up your pup, I will walk you through each of the commands and demonstrate what they've learned.  Please note that you will need to continue to reinforce the training learned after they go home for several weeks until it is well set in their minds.

Treadmill Training
Treadmill training is only available for pups that are staying for Crate & Doggy Door Training  and the take home date will be the same for the Crate & Doggy Door Training take home dates.  Treadmill training is limited to 5 pups at a given time - 1st come 1st serve.  To reserve and guarantee your spot, please pay the fee above using the paypal link.  

Treadmill training your pup is ideal for Arizona.  During the fall, spring, and winter months, walking outdoors is wonderful.  However, it can become a challenge in the summer months.  Treadmill training your pup is very doable during the puppy stage but can present quite the challenge the longer you delay it.  For those that have done it, they have been rewarded with a pup who will happily exercise on the treadmill in the Air Condition.  For those that have not done it, the summer months present a challenge.

We will treadmill train your pup using positive reinforcement and distract/redirect methods outlined on our training and video pages.  We will reward your pup as they go and play with them afterward to keep it a positive experience and keep training short and frequent throughout the day.  By the time your pup goes home, they will be accustomed to walking on the treadmill while attached to a harness and collar.  Please note that you should never leave your pup on a treadmill unattended and you will need to reinforce/perform treadmill training once a week to keep them trained when the warm months arrive.

When you pick up your pup, I'll demonstrate that your pup is treadmill trained and show you how to attach your pup to the treadmill as well as equip you with harness, leash, and collars so you can continue this routine successfully at home.  Please feel free to send me a pic of your treadmill in advance for a smoother transition.