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*We do not guarantee shed-ability.   The information presented is based on DNA analysis only.  Shedding may vary compared to what the DNA terminology states or implies. Also, the results are subject to opinion and are likely to vary based on the owner's experience.  For example, a first time dog owner may
not realize how little this pup sheds compared to a typical lab.  Another owner who was lucky enough to experience a moderate shedder (1 copy of the low shedding gene, approximately 5% of the lab population), may see a difference but not as significant as someone who has experienced a "heavy shedding" lab (~94% of labs).  What we will guarantee is that your pup will carry 2 copies of the low shedding gene.

Breeding Service Fee includes Just The Pup Service Package

Due to our very large financial investment and because we do not own the grandparents, we will not release our "low shedding" lab's pedigrees until they are past breeding years.  (We won't  give our hard earned investment & research away to other breeders.)  Therefore, upgrades to The Complete Service Package will be discounted by $100 but will not include AKC registration, Vet Visit, or Pet Insurance.

1st Pick - $2495
2nd & 3rd Pick - $2295
4th & 5th Pick - $1995
6th & 7th Pick - $1795
8th & 9th Pick - $1595
10th+ Pick - $1495

Y & Leo - make deposit below!

25/75 American / English

All White/light cream/yellow litter expected

These pups will carry both copies of the low shedding genes that help make poodles
non - shedding!  These pups will still shed, but significantly less than their
typical Lab counterparts.  Based on our experience with Y, who has both copies of 
low shedding genes, she shed about 80% less (if I had to estimate) than our "regular"

Reservation Process


Crate & Doggy Door Training, Basic Training

​​Reserve Your Breeding Service:
When the pups turn 2 & 5 weeks in age, you will be required to pay an additional $100 deposit to confirm your commitment.  If you fail to pay, your deposit will be forfeited.  The remaining breeding service fee balance (breeding service fee minus deposits) is due on selection day.   An additional 3% fee will be added to the remaining balance for payments other than check, money order, cashier's check, or cash.  By submitting payment you attest that:  You have read, understood, and agree to the terms of   Just the Pup Service Package or The Complete Service Package, which ever is applicable, and you have attained 18 years of age or older. Your pup will be spayed/neutered as described on our Puppies page.  Deposits are non refundable for your cancellation.  We will refund the deposit or move you to a future litter for free if we cannot provide you the breeding service you have reserved.   We do not guarantee gender or color.  Birth and take home dates are a best effort estimation and will be better determined after mating has occurred.  Litter changes are allowed with this service fee schedule:  $50 - before birth, $100 - birth - 2 weeks old, $150 - 2 weeks - 4 weeks old, $200 4 weeks - up till day before selection.  No litter changes will be allowed on or after selection day.

​Before making deposit please go over the Checklist to make sure you are the right candidate for one of our pups.   After making deposit, please click on Next Steps.  Need an installment plan?  Contact me.

Y's Summer 2020 Litter - Non Refundable Deposit