Focus on the 7 Commands, but before you train, you must:

​                                                                   Get Control                                                       

Once you have control, use the "Shake & Break" method to distract/redirect/correct

(An unofficial Shake & Break Training Tool comes with The Complete Package.)

Use positive reinforcement to teach them commands:  "Stay" & "Heel"

                                                           "Heel" Commands                      

                                  Correct Crowding                 "Back Up" Command

                        "No" Commands                                             "Off" Commands/Jumping


"Come" & Off Leash Training


                 Down Command                                                                House Training       


Concepts for Service Training:

              Pick it Up & Brace Commands                                   Wheel Chair Training

Anxiety & Seizures​

Introducing the Pool!                            Preparing for Camping - the No Command

​How to Stop Door Dashing                     Teaching Puppy Manners with a 2nd Dog

          Acclimating to Loud Sounds                           Teaching a dog balance - Kayak

How to Curb Excessive Barking                        Walking a Dog with a Hover Board

Introducing Cats & Dogs


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