Winter 2018 - 2019

Pricing includes Just The Pup Package

1st Pick - $1995
2nd & 3rd Pick - $1785
4th & 5th Pick - $1565
6th & 7th Pick - $1355
8th & 9th Pick - $1155
10th & 11th Pick - $1055
12th + Pick - $955

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Pick #'s do not move up when there is a canceled or vacant spot.  USA Purebred Labs will pick in lieu of any vacant reservations.

Summer & Percy - make deposit below!
Estimates:  Due mid Sept 2018, ready mid Nov 2018  

​​100% English - All Yellows expected.

Y Percy - make deposit below!

Estimates:  birth mid Dec, ready mid Feb 2019

50/50 American/English 

All Yellow/Lite Cream Litter

Ashley & Caesar - make deposit below!

Estimates: birth late Dec 2018, ready mid Feb 2019

All Chocolate Litter
50/50 American/English 

Bailey & Caesar - make deposit below!

Estimates: birth late Dec 2018, ready mid Feb 2019

1/2 Black, 1/2 Chocolate Litter, 100% English

Marshy & Percy  - make deposit below!

​Estimates: birth mid Jan 2019, ready mid March 2019

All whites/lite creams

100% English Litter, their last litter produced very mellow
tempered pups largely favoring Marshy's looks

Winter & Max - make deposit below!

Estimates: birth late December, ready mid Feb 2019

​All Whites/lite creams expected (probably going to be all white)

100% English Litter

Reservation Process


Crate & Doggy Door Training

Reserve Your Pup:
The remaining balance (price minus deposit) is due before or on selection date.  Unless express agreement has been reached, pups that are not paid for by close of business on selection date will be resold and deposit will be forfeited.  An additional 3% fee will be added to the remaining balance for payments other than check, money order, cashier's check, or cash.  By submitting payment you attest that:  You have read, understood, and agree to the terms of Just the Pup Package or The Complete Package, which ever is applicable, and you have attained 18 years of age or older. Your pup will be spayed/neutered as described on our Puppies page.  Deposits are non refundable for your cancellation.  We will refund the deposit (if past 90 days, 3% pay pal fee is not refundable) or move you to a future litter for free if we cannot provide you the pup that you have reserved.   We do not guarantee gender or color, your pick is based on your pick number only.  ​​​​We list people's color/gender preferences when possible, however, please be advised that client's are under no obligation to stick to their listed preferences.  People change their minds from time to time after test results come out.  Birth and take home dates are a best effort estimation and will be better determined after mating has occurred.  Litter changes are allowed with this fee schedule:  $50 - before birth, $100 - birth - 2 weeks old, $150 - 2 weeks - up till selection.  No litter changes will be allowed after selections have been made.

Before making deposit please go over the Checklist to make sure you are the right candidate for one of our pups.  After making deposit, please click on Next Steps.  Need an installment plan?  Contact me.

Y's Winter Litter 2018/2019 - Non Refundable Deposit
1st pick prefers a female, 2nd pick prefers male, 3rd pick female pref
Bailey's Winter 2018/2019 - Non Refundable Deposit
1st & 2nd picks prefer females, no color pref
Winter's Winter Litter 2018/2019 - Non Refundable Deposit
1st pick prefers a female, 2nd pick prefers a female

Health & Pure Breed Guaranteed

USA Purebred Labs LLC
Ashley's Winter 2018 - Non Refundable Deposit
1st pick male preference, 2nd pick male preference
Summer's Winter 2018/2019 - Non Refundable Deposit
1st pick prefers male, 2nd pick female pref, 6th pick no preference
Marshy's Winter 2018 - Non Refundable Deposit
1st, 2nd, & 3rd picks prefer females, 4th pick definitely wants a male