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Hunter is 4 years young.  He will make a good companion for the right family.  He is active (would make a great jogging or hiking partner), loves to play fetch, loves the water, is very confident, smart, highly trainable, and REALLY GOOD LOOKING (show quality for sure!)  We recommend him for a family looking for an "outside dog".  He is house trained.  Currently, he has access to our garage and yards.  He uses a doggy door to go in and out.  He spends most of his day playing outside with a few other select dogs.  He is not a barker unless someone is at our front gate.  

His downside:  He marks.  Like all males that are neutered close to, during, or after puberty, he marks his territory with urine.  ONLY in new environments.  Once he has established his new territory and settled in (after a few weeks), he will likely only mark in new environments.  He also will try to hump other unspayed females (possibly females that are also spayed).  

What to expect:  Expect that he will mark trees, bushes, pillars, even bike tires until he has marked and settled into his new territory.  After he has marked everything he will only mark it when exposed to new environments.  If you go for a walk, he will be very interested in smells and will likely mark bushes, trees, anything along the way to let other dogs know he exists.

He could be an inside dog but it would take patience and methodical training (I can direct you how to do it).  You would need to use a belly wrap while inside, removing it only when you take him outside to go pee.  After several weeks of being in his new home, it's likely that he would not mark but you would have to pay close attention to him as you transition to taking the belly wraps off while inside.  We have at least a few belly wraps we can gift you.

He will be ready to go home anytime after May 25th.  He has already been neutered and his dental is scheduled for the 25th.