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Chocolate, Hazel Eyes, Purebred,

American Labrador Retriever, Eebb, passed all 16 genetic tests, excellent hips "rare tight"  Ashley makes the most love-able and cuddly chocolate pure breed AKC lab puppies for sale in Arizona.

Ashley has been tested for all 15 gentic disease tests + pure breed identification.  Ashley is a happy go lucky girl and overall just a good friend to have within the pack.  She is sweet, playful, submissive, and tractable.  She is typical of what a Purebred American Chocolate Lab looks and acts like.  However, in one sense, Ashley is not your typical lab, she willingly shares her treats.  Ashley's favorite thing is a belly rub.  Ashley is a total pack dog and will whimper if separated from the pack for too long.   Her rich chocolate color attracts the sun during the summer months, as a result, she loves the water the most.  You can find Ashley frequently in the water, engulfing her full body, and always splashing around.  Her pups seem to share those same instincts early on.  Ashley is best friends with Duke.  Together, these 2 stay active all day long chasing lizards up trees and sometimes even catching birds from mid air.  Ashley has been a good friend to Bailey too, helping Bailey take care of her pups when she had none of her own.  Ashley is an amazing mom and tends to produce the largest and fattest puppies due to her desire to continuously nurse.  Her offspring should make great watch dogs and ideal for an active family that enjoys fishing, the lake, camping, the outdoors, or that has a pool. Ashley is classified by AKC as a chocolate lab, is AKC registered, meets AKC's conformation standards for appearance, weighs 65 lbs, and measures 23 inches from the withers. According to our DVM's opinion on her hip X-Rays, Ashley has rarely seen "tight hips" which is a highly desireable trait. Our client's report that her pups love the water.