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Bailey II

a white/lite cream, purebred, ‚Äč50/50 American/English Labrador Retriever, eeBb, passed all 16 genetic tests, Low Shedding Lab

Bailey has been tested for all 15 genetic disease tests + pure breed identification, she carries 2 copies of the low shedding gene that is partially responsible for a poodles' non shedding coats.  All of her offspring will receive 1 copy from her. Typical of an American/English Lab, Bailey has a smaller build with the athleticism and trainability of an American, but a slightly blockier face coming from the English side.  She is a good mix between English/American: calm/active.  Not too calm, not too active.  Bailey is what I call a VELCRO dog.  I love it.  Bailey sports a thin lower shedding coat, as soft as a pillow, weighs 40 lbs, measures 19.5" from the withers, and is classified as a yellow lab, is AKC registered, but does not meet AKC's conformation standard for appearance and size because she is too small.  Her coat color is ideal for Arizona outdoors.  Her demeanor is gentle, calm, happy, and submissive.