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a white/lite cream, purebred, ‚ÄčEnglish Labrador Retriever, eeBb, passed all 16 genetic tests, good hips, our favorite and founding girl

Bailey has been tested for all 15 genetic disease tests + pure breed identification. Originally named Buster; Brooke renamed her Bailey after watching "Bailey's Billions".  Typical of an English Lab, Bailey has more of the look of a show dog, is a lot less active than our American Labs, and is slightly fuller bodied than an American.  Bailey sports a thick coat as soft as a pillow, weighs 74 lbs, measures 23.5" from the withers, and is classified as a yellow lab, AKC registered, and meets AKC's conformation standard for appearance and size.  Her coat color is ideal for Arizona outdoors.  Her demeanor is gentle, calm, happy, and she is always smiling.  Baileys lays down with her front paws crossed (like a lady!), something none of our other labs do.  She is very tolerant, trusting, very confident, easy going, quiet, and laid back with people but is quick to show the other labs who is in charge:  Bailey is our alpha female and is completely selfish with food and treats. Bailey is more sedentary, prefers to relax, and doesn't mind being alone.  Bailey is a great mom, and takes great care of her pups.  Bailey also takes great care of other litters too.  She has helped foster 2 litters, you can't stop her, she has a super strong desire to be a mommy.  Our clients report that her pups LOVE the water and swim laps around their pool, even when it's cold out!