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‚ÄčGreen/Hazel eyes, dark chocolate coat, EEbb, purebred English Labrador Retriever, passed all 16 genetic tests, Excellent Hips.  Caesar produces the most beautiful, athletic, pure breed chocolate English AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies you can find for sale in Arizona!!

Caesar has passed all 15 genetic disease tests + pure breed identification test, to enter into our breeding program and tested as a pup as having a high aptitude with a pleasing disposition.  Originally name Hachi for his devotion to his master, he is now called Caesar (Planet of the Apes) due to his unmatched intelligence.  By far Caesar is our most intelligent, highly driven Labrador Retriever.  He is very playful, easy going, extremely lovable, gentle natured, calm tempered, and is my husband's favorite.  Within the pack, Caesar is very submissive.  However, during mating season, Caesar becomes "super dog" -super athletic and determined!  None of our English labs are physically capable of escape except for Caesar - it takes a custom "shark tank" pen to keep him on lock down.  When we need to separate him from our girls in season, he becomes our greatest challenge.  Outside of mating season, he is the perfect Lab and has it all:  Looks, temperament, intelligence, and athleticism.  Caesar is classified by AKC as a chocolate lab, AKC registered, meets AKC's conformation standards for size and appearance, is 23.5" as measured from his withers, and weighs 80 lbs.  He is a perfect specimen of a conformation pure breed Labrador Retriever.