‚ÄčChampion Bloodline, Creme, Purebred, American Labrador Retriever, eebb (Dudley), Hazel/Green Eyes, 16 genetic tests, Good Hips, Normal Elbows, Champion Hunting Lines

Charlotte has been tested for all 15 genetic disease tests + pure breed identification. Charlotte has 30 Field and Master Hunter champions in her pedigree going back 5 generations. Charlotte is a totally physically fit Labrador Retriever - all bone & muscle with free feeding.  She is very a very sweet girl, submissive, compared with the rest of our pack she lacks confidence.  She has Duke's innate hunting and chasing tendencies. Looks wise she is a lot like her dad and she is very agile and able to turn on a dime.  She is now the fastest runner within the pack.  Her coat thickness and color is ideal for Arizona outdoors and his offspring should make superior hunting, fishing, hiking, and exercise companions.   Charlotte is classified by AKC as a yellow lab, meets AKC's conformation standards for size,  weighs 55 lbs and measure 23.5" from the withers.  Although Charlotte has a Champion pedigree and pure breed based on Breed Identification Testing and is AKC registered, Charlotte does not meet AKC's standards for appearance due to her Dudley features (see the color page, press the control button + F and type in Dudley) and longer tail.  Charlotte's offspring are ideal for an active family that want a leaner, medium sized lab.  

World's 1st Low Shedding Lab Puppies.  When only the BEST will do!

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