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Ask yourself this:

1)  Am I experienced with dogs?

If YES, have you been successful in training them?  If YES, great, move on to question 2.

If NO, are you willing to follow the recommended training book below?  

If YES, move on to question 2.  

If NO, are you willing to pay for your pup/dog to go to obedience classes for several months?

If YES, move on to questions 2.

If NO, you should reconsider adopting a pet altogether.  Many pets end up at the homeless shelter due to owner negligence in proper care and training.  Without proper training, many bad behaviors come about because the owner is unknowingly giving the pup mixed signals, the pup becomes confused, and with improper correction the pup will not desire training, ultimately becoming an undesirable pet.

2)  Do I have the time and willingness to walk my dog every day, twice a day for 30 minutes?

If YES, move on to question 3.

If NO, are you willing to purchase a treadmill and treadmill train the puppy?  As an adult, they'll likely need 2 x 45 minute brisk walks.  Treadmill training a pup is very easy.  If you wait till they are adults, it's much more difficult.  Here is a short video that I made to show you how easy it is to treadmill train your pup.  If you are willing to treadmill train, move on to question 3.

If you are not willing to treadmill train and can't walk them, are you willing to hire someone?  If YES move on to question 3.  If NO, you are not the right candidate.

3)  Are you buying this pup for your children?

If YES, reconsider why you are adopting a pup.  Recognize that many times after the pup grows up, children become disinterested in the pet.  Unless you are personally willing to bond with and care for the pet, you should not acquire a pet as it will likely be YOU who will be caring for it in the long run.  

4)  Are you home often?

If YES, congratulations, we welcome  your adoption!  

If NO, is there someone that is home often/regularly that desires to care, bond, and train the pup?  If YES, congratulations, we welcome  your adoption!  

If NO, please realize that pups and dogs need attention from their owners.  You should plan on spending a minimum of 15 minutes a day training your pup, 30 minutes a day playing, grooming, and bonding with your pup/dog, and (2) 30 minute walks a day as a full grown adult.  If you are not able to meet these needs, please do not reserve a pup from USA Purebred Labs.


Checklist - Just Add LOVE!

Please note that most of these items will be available for purchase on selection day. 

L - Large (42") Crate or XL (48") Crate  with divider panel.  You may need an XL for a male from English lines - Bailey seems to produce a few big boys.  Large is fine for American girls or boys or English girls) - you can buy at WalMart or Costco for $100, or "life stages".   A dark sheet to cover the crate for the first few weeks until they are solidly into their routine and completely adapted to their forever home.  Buy training pads and be sure to tape the corners down.

Soft Bedding (a soft blanket or towel works great).  Most crates will come with their own bedding, if not, Wal-Mart has great prices.  Unless you keep your house super cold, typically your pup/dog will want to sleep on the plastic crate or cold tile except when it's winter so keep that in mind.  

O - Ordinary - Make it part of your ordinary routine to groom your pup!  A Large Furminator for Short hair  is a MUST.  10 minutes of using the furminator a month reduces shedding DRAMATICALLY.  Best to do it outside, you'll be surprised how much will come off!!  Draft a plan before your pup comes home, who is responsible for what and when.  It's a great idea to include brushing teeth and brushing their coat every day.  These 2 items combined only take 1-2 minutes a day but they will make ALL the difference in the world!!  

V - Videos / Books - Theis is a MUST READ / LISTEN before your pup comes home.

1)  "The Art of Raising a Puppy".  (This comes in book for or an audio CD option)  & Lucky Dog Lessons by Brian McMillan. (Also comes with audio option).

​2)  Watch this short video on feeding your pup.  Costco's Kirkland Puppy Food is rated 4.5 star rated, is very nutritious, and inexpensive!

If you are looking to train your own therapy / service dog for a variety of needs, here are 2 excellent books you can download from Amazon:  How to Train Your Own Service Dog​ and Training Your Own Service Dog Book 2: Training Psychiatric Service Dogs - PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, and Depression.

E - Essentials - Food, Water, Supplements, Toys & Chews, Insurance, Poop Pick Up -  = included with The Complete Package

Premium Puppy Food - If you elect The Complete Package, we will give you a small bag of Costco brand Puppy food - enough for the 1st 3 days and enough then to transition to whatever brand you prefer.  However, we HIGHLY recommend you stick with The Costco Brand puppy food until they are 6 months, otherwise a small % of puppies may get Clostridium, a bacterial infection that has to be treated with very specific antibiotics.  See the Care page for more information, under food section.  There you will also find  a list of 4 & 5 star foods to choose from, click the red numbers.  With that said, not all pups will do well on the Costco brand puppy food.  It seems about 1 in 20 owners switch to a new food because the Costco brand just doesn't seem to sit well with their pup.  

Food Dish - metal is best so they can't chew their dish and helps prevents bacteria growth

Water & Water Dish - metal is best, best to use bottled water (tap water contains chlorine which kills the immune system and is also carcinogenic, though to be one of the leading causes of cancer. 

Supplements - Immunity Support & Hip & Joint Support Supplements will help build and support your pup's immune system and support optimal hips and joint health.  Please note that a 30 day supply comes with The Complete Package.

Toys & Chews - Get a rotations schedule going.  If your pup comes with The Complete Package, we'll send you home with approximately 10-15 starter toys.  You need to have on hand approximately 21 toys so that you can rotate 3-4 new toys a day.  As you rotate in new toys, take the old toys and store them until the following week.  This will keep you pup from becoming bored with old toys and keep them from chewing on something they shouldn't.

We HIGHLY recommend you get health insurance for at least the first 6 months of your pup's life.  While most don't end up using it, the few that do really cash in.  If something is going to go wrong, it's usually in the first 6 months and insurance will mitigate your expenses dramatically.  We recommend you do a comparison search to find a plan that suits your specific needs and budget.  Here is a link for the top 10 pet insurance companies.  After comparing plans, Healthy Paws looks really GREAT!  Keep in mind the average emergency visit is approximately $1500.  Some have deductibles, some cover EVERYTHING, so cover emergency only, so pay attention to the details.

Poop Pick Up Dispenser & Baggies - If you elect The Complete Package, you will receive a clip on poo bag dispenser + 5 rolls.  There is nothing more disgusting than watching someone walk their dog, the dog poops, and the owner just leaves it.  GROSS!  Please be sure to be a responsible owner and always pick up your dog's poop.  We recommend this dispenser with baggies.  Just clip it to the leash and go.

30-36" Playpen & Diapers (females) or Wraps (males) for House Training, a method to teach your pup how to notify you when he/she needs to go such as a door jingle or a doggy door.