Crate & Basic Obedience Training

Crate Training - Learn to hold their bowels overnight - $600

Crate + Basic Obedience Training $2,000 - Learn to hold their bowels overnight + the 10 basic commands: Sit, Stay, Down, Stay Down, Come, Up, Off, No, OK, & Follow Me

Crate & Basic Obedience Training 

There are HUGE advantages to a crate-trained puppy.  First of all, you won't wake up or come home to poop or pee.  Your pup will be able to hold its bowels for up to 10 hours overnight. 2nd, housebreaking a crate trained pup is comparatively a breeze and typically only takes a week after going home because they are pre-trained to control their bowels.

Crate training & housebreaking a puppy is undoubtedly the hardest part of raising puppies.  We are one of the ONLY breeders that have the ability to successfully crate train your pup before they go home!  

Pups that are to be crate trained will go home 2 - 3 weekends later (estimate), at approximately 9-10 weeks.  The goal is to be completely crate trained so that they can hold their bowels overnight.  

Be prepared that during the transition (after they go home), as they get acclimated to their new environment, it is normal for them to soil their crates (usually just the 1st night and typically pee only).  In order to maintain crate training, it is imperative that you get them to poop before bedtime.  How we do it at our house:  I run around the outside of our pen and they follow me and I just keep going back and forth until one by one they all start to squat down to go poop and pee.  If your pup is not pooping before bed, you will have accidents. 

**Please note that we do not guarantee results.  While almost all the pups we train go home and have zero accidents in their crates overnight, there have been 2 pups so far that continue to soil their crates.  At our training facility, they have their littermates to keep them active, get them to romp around (exercise helps them poo), and follow their lead for going poop.  What we've learned in trying to help the clients afterward is that both pups are NOT going poop before bed. You cannot put them to bed until they've gone poop or they will soil their crate.  If you are having trouble afterward, you can try these troubleshoots:

1) add 1-2 cubes of sweet potatoes to their meals (contains a lot of fiber)

2) although you are not supposed to go for organized walks until they are 12 weeks in age, starting to take them on an organized walk for 15 minutes should do the trick in conjunction with the sweet potatoes (you can buy canned cooked sweet potatoes at Wal-Mart).

All Obedience Training will utilize Clicker Training

Clicker training is often used for service animals because it has proven to speed up the pup's ability to learn new & more complex concepts such as crossing the street as a guide dog.  Clickers are included with The Complete Package Training kit.  

No Guarantee of Training Accomplishments

Please note that we do not guarantee mastery of any command or make a warranty or claim that your pup will learn all of the commands.  While most pups will go on to learn the majority of the commands that come with each training segment, we cannot force your pup to learn faster than they are capable.  Especially with service training - depending on how difficult a specialized task, we may not be able to master it in the given training segment.  If we have space available, you are welcome to opt-in for any next step training.

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