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‚ÄčA champion bloodline, yellow, purebred, American Labrador Retriever, eeBb, passed 16 genetic tests, good hips 

Duke passed all 15 genetic disease tests + pure breed identification.Duke has 30 Field and Master Hunter champions in his pedigree going back 5 generations. Duke is a totally physically fit Labrador Retriever.  He is tractable, eager to please, obedient, always smiling, happy go lucky, jumping around so happy like he just won the lottery.  Duke has excellent stamina and drive. He is very agile, able to turn on a dime, often seen during chases.  He is also the fastest runner within the pack.  He is an ideal Lab in every aspect is our main stud. He is all muscle and bone and sports the leanest body of all of our labs.  Mating season is often stressful for studs, they become so fixated on mating that they lose their appetites.  As a result Duke will typically lose ~5 lbs in season.  When the girls aren't in season, he plays all day long.  All the girls love playing with him, especially Ashley, his All American counterpart and sweet heart. Together, these two are constantly chasing lizards, toads, bunnies, and sometimes birds.  His coat thickness and color is ideal for Arizona outdoors and his offspring should make superior hunting, fishing, hiking, and exercise companions.   Duke is excellent with the puppies, enjoys playing with them, and will teach them right away with his instructive yet harmless growls that he is the USA Purebred's Stud Master.  My favorite thing about Duke besides his personality is his size.  He is easy to lift and carry which can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.  As a result, we take Duke on the most walks and hikes.  Duke is classified by AKC as a yellow lab, and meets AKC's conformation standards for appearance and size,  weighs 60 lbs and measure 23.5" from the withers.  Duke's offspring are ideal for an active family that want a leaner, medium sized lab.