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Fall 2020

AKC Lab Puppies for Sale in Scottsdale, AZ

The Breeding Service Fee listed below includes Just The Pup Service Package

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1st Pick - $2060
2nd & 3rd Pick - $1860
4th & 5th Pick - $1660
6th + Pick - $1460

​​​Winter &  Hachi or Hunter - ​75/25 English/American AKC Puppies


Possible misbreeding.  We won't know if Hachi or Hunter is the dad, or both until pups

are born.  I definitely saw her mated with Hunter but she was exposed to Hachi the day before.  She came into season early.  If Hachi is the dad, it will be a 75% black, 25% chocolate litter. 

If Hunter is the dad, it will be an all white/light cream/light yellow litter.  

Do NOT reserve for this litter unless you are OK with any color.

Status:  Came into season EARLY.  Definitely saw her mated with Hunter.

Estimates due Aug 1st, ready for homes Sept 19th

​Reservations - FULL till Birth
1st pick - female pref
2nd Pick - cream female pref
3rd Pick - female pref
4th Pick - male pref
5th Pick - no gender preference, leaning yellow
6th Pick - male no color pref

7th Pick - female pref, any color

TsarinaLeo -  ​100% English Yellow/Cream/White AKC Lab Puppies  
Status:  In Season EARLY, Estimates: due mid Aug, ready for homes 1st week Oct

1/2 this litter will be low shedders, the other 1/2 moderate shedding.  I will test the litter
and share results when they come out.  If you select a low shedding pup, add $300 
to offset the cost for genetic testing.

Reservations FULL till birth:
1st pick female low shed pref
2nd Pick low shed male

3rd Pick low shed male, low shed over gender
4th Pick reserved
5th Pick female pref
6th Pick reserved
7th Pick cream low shed male pref

​​Charlotte & Caesar - 50/50 American/English Chocolate AKC Lab Puppies  
Status: In Season, latest estimates:  due Sept 5th, ready for homes Oct 24th
Reservations FULL till birth:​

1st Pick male pref
2nd Pick female pref
3rd Pick female pref
4th Pick female pref
5th Pick female pref
6th Pick personality over gender

7th Pick male pref

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