World's 1st Low Shedding Lab Puppies.  When only the BEST will do!

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Fall 2021

AKC Lab Puppies for Sale in Scottsdale, AZ!

We offer high-quality Companions, Pets, Sport, Hunting, and Service dogs ONLY.
All Pups will be Spay / Neutered

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The Breeding Service Fee below includes Just The Pup Service Package

1st Pick - $2095
2nd & 3rd Pick - $1895
4th + Pick - $1695

Posh & Max - 100% English, White/Cream/Light Yellow AKC Lab Puppies

Gorgeous with calm temperaments
Estimates: Due end of July Ready for Homes mid-September
Reservations full till birth:
1st pick - male preference
2nd pick - no pref
3rd Pick - female pref
4th Pick - no pref
5th Pick - female pref
6th Pick - white female pref
7th Pick - light color pref

Winter & Titus - 75/50 English / American White / Cream AKC Lab Puppies
Small Sized Labs, highly trainable, confident, calm.  
Estimates:  Due beginning of August, ready for homes 3rd week Sept

Reservations FULL till birth:

1st pick - female pref
2nd pick - male pref
3rd Pick - female pref
4th Pick - female 3/4 personality preferred
5th Pick - white male pref
6th Pick - no gender pref, cream pref

7th Pick - OPEN

Rina & Hachi - 75/25 English/American ALL Black Litter AKC Lab Puppies

1/2 Low Shedding Lab Puppies

Medium Sized Labs, highly trainable

There is a 50% chance of a low shed, 50% chance of moderate shed

Estimates:  Due mid-August, ready for homes end of September

Add $300 if you select a low shed pup

Reservations FULL till birth:

1st pick - black female low shed
2nd pick - black low shed male pref
3rd Pick - reserved

4th Pick - black, no gender pref
5th Pick - male pref
6th Pick - female pref
7th Pick - black female pref

Smokey & Max - 50/50 American/English,  Yellow & Black AKC Lab Puppies
Estimates: due 1st week of August, ready for homes end of Sept
Their last litter turned out amazingly smart, so easy to train, and on the small to medium side.  One of our
​most popular litters!
Reservations FULL till birth:
1st Pick - female pref
2nd Pick - female pref
3rd Pick - no pref
4th Pick - male pref
5th Pick - reserved
6th Pick - female pref
​7th Pick - black male pref

Charlotte & Hachi - 50/50 English/American AKC

1/2 Black & 1/2 Chocolate Lab Puppies, 1/2 Low Shedding

This litter will be tested for low shedding genetics

50% chance of low shedding, 50% chance of moderate shedding

If you select a "low shedding" pup, there is an additional $300 fee if you choose a low shedding pup

Estimates: Due beginning of September, ready for homes 3rd week of Oct

Reservations FULL till birth:

1st pick - low shedding desired
2nd pick - low shedding desired
3rd Pick - low shedding desired
4th Pick - chocolate preferred, no gender pref

5th Pick - chocolate female pref

6th Pick - reserved

7th Pick - reserved

Winter's Fall 2021 - Non Refundable Deposit