Guardian Program

All pups in the Guardian Program come with The Complete Package (a $2000 value, minus AKC Registration, Vet Visit, and Insurance), will receive FREE Crate & Basic Training (a $1,000 value), and can receive free vaccinations (except Rabies) while in our breeding program.

Would you like to acquire a trained Pure Breed Labrador Retriever Puppy with the maximum benefits that we offer for only $500?  If so, welcome!!  In a nutshell, we select a female pup from a litter with the personality, conformation, and or genetic traits that we would like to replicate in future breeding lines.  We will select a pup and then place her with your family.  Your family will raise, train, and care for the pup, just like a normal pet.  Your family will be responsible for  the general routine, veterinary care, wellness, annual vaccines, grooming (if any), and any training expenses.  We will be responsible for any reproduction and breeding related costs.  While the Guardian Dog is in our breeding program, we will provide the puppy series vaccines as well as annual boosters for free - just bring her to us for a visit.  The only vaccines we cannot provide are the Rabies vaccinations.  

The Guardian dog will be owned by us and her microchip will remain in our name until she is retired from our breeding program.  We will need to have access to the chosen Guardian Dog at certain times during the year for 4  years consecutively starting around 18 months in age.  At 18 months in age will want to take photos and her hips will be tested.  So long as they test as good or excellent, we will breed her during the next heat cycle.  As soon as the Guardian Dog comes into season for the first time and each subsequent time, you will need to notify us so we can start tracking her cycles.  Then, after 18 months in age if she is deemed breedable, she will need to stay with us for approximately 1-2 weeks during her heat cycle.  After The Guardian Dog has been bred, she will return back to your home.  If the breeding is successful, she will  return to our home about a week before their due date and stay until the pups are weened (usually around 6-7 weeks).  Your family will be welcomed to visit The Guardian Dog after she has had her pups, at 4 weeks in age, during any of the scheduled visits for her litter, then when you pick her up to return home. 

At the end of her breeding career (we hope for 1 litter per year for 4 years consecutively), she will be spayed at our expense, her microchip will be transferred over to you, and the adoption process will be completed at this time.  If you have been selected for our guardian program, we can discuss in much more detail.  We look forward to working with you!!

Requirements to become a guardian Home

  • Live within 40 miles from (10989 E Dynamite Scottsdale, AZ 85262)
  • Have no plans to move within 6 years of a acquisition
  • Have a physical fence around part of yard if applicable
  • You must own your home or apartment/condo - It's not about having a yard, it's about the CARE you give them!  (We require proof of ownership such as a copy of your mortgage payment or deed in Guardian's name).
  • She must be an indoor pet
  • Crate her until she is 2 when you are not home to supervise
  • Background check will be done - no felonies, cannot have a criminal record
  • Must be a US Citizen
  • Be willing to bring her to me for:
  1. Photo shoot provided by us at around 18 months in age
  2. Hip testing at our expense at 18 months in age
  3. Once a year for mating, a 2nd time per year if the 1st is not successful, for 4 years consecutively or until 4 litters are produced.
  • Always have her on leash when outside the home
  • Continue basic obedience at home
  • Feed a high quality dog food approved by me - We auto approve Kirkland brand (Costco) adult & puppy foods.
  • Provide reasonable health care
  • Maintain a healthy diet and weight (her waist line should be an hour glass shaped except when pregnant).
  • Maintain proper and regular exercise.
  • Socialize her and give her lots of love!

If after reading this, you determine that you qualify and would like to become a Guardian Dog owner, please:

1) Read the contract and if you agree to it

2) Make non refundable deposit below for the Guardian Program below and email me to specify if you have a color preference and any special circumstances such as you are over age 65, you have elderly parents living with you, or you have small children under 10, special needs in the family etc. so that we can keep that in mind when it comes to puppy selection time (we want the pup to fit your family!).

3) I will contact you at my earliest convenience

4) After I contact you I will need an up close picture of your driver's license and your most recent mortgage statement or copy of the deed (proof of ownership of your residence) in the applying Guardian's name

If you qualify, but for any reason we decide not to accept you as a Guardian family, we will return your deposit promptly.  If you make deposit but do not qualify, we will return your deposit minus $75 to cover the cost of a Background check.

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Guardian Program

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