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Fall & Christmas 2020

The World's First Low Shedding Lab Puppies for Sale in Scottsdale, AZ!

Low Shedding Genes, Guaranteed.

Breeding Service Fee includes Just The Pup Service Package

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2 is Better than 1 Discount

1st Pick - $2495
2nd & 3rd Pick - $2295
4th & 5th Pick - $1995
6th + Pick - $1795

Porsche & Leo - 100% English, Light Yellow Lab Puppies

Latest estimates Based on last cycle:  Due early November, Ready for Christmas 2020. 

Subject to change!

Reservations - FULL till birth
​1st pick - female pref
2nd pick - female pref
3rd Pick - male pref
4th Pick - male pref, personality more import
5th Pick - male pref
6th Pick - white/cream female pref

7th Pick - female pref

8th Pick - reserved

2 is Better than 1 Discount

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