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USA Purebred Labs LLC

What is a Low Shedding Lab?

Genetic researchers have identified the genes responsible for shedding.  It is estimated that only approximately 4% of Labs carry 1 copy of the low shedding gene, while less than 1% carry both copies.  It is extremely rare.  To arrive at this point, we have invested a significant amount of time and money to genetically test 61 labs over the last 7 years.  

Low Shedding Genes Guaranteed

We guarantee that a Low Shedding Lab purchased from USA Purebred Labs will have both possible copies of the Low Shedding gene.  

Our Experience

We have a low shedding lab, Y, shown below.  Low Shedding Labs will still shed, but light relative to the other 96% of the Lab population.  Our Y sheds about 80% less than our other labs and overall has a much thinner coat.  If you use the Furminator for 5-10 minutes a month on our Low Shedding Labs, the results could be a virtually non shedding lab.  

No AKC Registration included in The Complete Package = $50 discount.

If you upgrade to The Complete Package, your pup will not come with AKC registration but will receive a $50 discount.  We do not own the parents, after identifying the desired breeding pair, we paid over $22,000 if you include genetic testing, breeding fees, and the right to the litter that produced Ivanka & Porsche.  Because we don't own them, we don't want to give out their pedigree which would essentially give free advertising to the owners.  We already paid heavily.