World's 1st Low Shedding Lab Puppies 

USA Purebred Labs LLC

What is a Low Shedding Lab?

Genetic researchers have identified the genes responsible for shedding.  It is estimated that only approximately 4% of Labs carry 1 copy of the low shedding gene, while less than 1% carry both copies.  It is extremely rare.  To arrive at this point, we have invested a significant amount of time and money to genetically test 61 labs over the last 7 years.  

Low Shedding Genes Guaranteed

We guarantee that a Low Shedding Lab purchased from USA Purebred Labs will have both possible copies of the Low Shedding gene.  

Our Experience

We have a low shedding lab, Y, shown below.  Low Shedding Labs will still shed, but light relative to the other 96% of the Lab population.  Our Y sheds about 80% less than our other labs and overall has a much thinner coat.  If you use the Furminator for 5-10 minutes a month on our Low Shedding Labs, the results could be a virtually non shedding lab.  

No AKC Registration, Vet Visit, or Pet Insurance included in The Complete Package = $100 discount on any of our low shedding lab puppies when you upgrade to The Complete Package.

If you upgrade to The Complete Package, your pup will not come with AKC registration, Vet Visit, or Pet Insurance but you will receive a $100 discount to compensate.  We do not own the parents of Leo, Ivanka, Porsche, or Ragnar.  Because we don't own them, we don't want to give out their pedigree which would essentially give free advertising to the owners.  We already paid heavily.