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Dark brown eyes, white/lite creme coat, purebred, English Labrador Retriever, passed all 16 genetic tests, Good Hips, eeBB.  Marshy produces the most beautiful, well temepered, calm, show quality, pure breed English Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale in Arizona.

Marshy has been tested for all 15 genetic disease tests + pure breed identification.  Marshmallow is one of Bailey & Grand Champ's pups. Her pedigree includes 26 grand championships for conformation and show in her 6 generation pedigree.  Her coat is more like Bailey's:  Very soft and thinner than a typical English Lab's.  Marshmallow is full English and the epitome of a what a "show" Labrador Retriever looks and acts like.  Marshmallow has a lot of confidence in herself - she would make an excellent show dog.  She is a joyful, happy go lucky girl, with a "4" personality.  Easy to train, easy going, calm, and even tempered, and boy does she love to play!  Marshmallow has it all:  Looks, confidence, athleticism, aptitude, and personality.  Marshmallow is quite athletic and enjoys playing right along side our American Labs for much of  the day.  Marshmallow weighs 70 lbs, stands 22" from the withers, is AKC registered, meets AKC's conformation standards for size and appearance, and is classified as a yellow Labrador Retriever.