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If you have made deposit, here are your next steps!  

1st - Send Me an email with your color & gender preferences

2nd - Order Training Materials

 Please order the Book or Audio CD's listed on the Checklist page.  DO NOT DELAY!  You should have a good knowledge/understanding of this material well in advance of your puppy coming home. In the past, we've had some people wait till last minute, then they don't get them done by the time the pups comes home and training becomes a challenge.  Read/listen WELL IN ADVANCE of your pup coming home.  We want you to be prepared so that you can have the best experience possible.  Read/listen to it first, then re-read/re-listen a 2nd time, that's when eveything will really come together and you'll feel confident in your approach.

3rd - Read the Puppies Page 

There you will find our process which answer many people's questions about visits, selection, etc.  

4th - Read the Checklist page (check list of what you'll need to get before your pup comes home - scroll down on the page)

5th - Read the CareTraining (be sure to watch the training videos!), and Weening Process pages.  

There are many great tips and ideas.  While you may not need to know them all now, it only takes about 20 minutes to read the entire page and it's a great resource with many items that you may not have even thought of that might help you right away, even before your pup comes home.

6th - If you have ?s, please read our FAQ page 1st.  

I've spent well over 1,100 hours creating this website with the goal of creating transparency, sufficient information, guidance, education, to build confidence in what we offer, and ultimately to work smarter.  If you still have questions, write them down and save them for your visits.  

Thank you for choosing USA Purebred Labs!