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Dark brown eyes, light yellow coat, eeBB, purebred English Labrador Retriever, passed all 16 genetic tests, Good Hips.  Olympia is a sturdy looking girl.  She is one of our bigger females.  

Olympia is Hunter's sister and the are so similar in personalities, perhaps because they were raised together.  Olympia has passed 15 genetic disease tests plus a pure breed identification test to be included in our breeding program.  She has a light yellow coat, sports a blocky head and a stocky, sturdy body.  When Olympia is with you she is a calm girl, but with our other labs, she is quite active and looks like she is going to jump the fence to be with you!  She was so easy to leash train, we couldn't believe it just like Hunter, she got it from the get-go.  Olympia is classified by AKC as a yellow lab, AKC registered, meets AKC's conformation standards for size and appearance, is 23" as measured from his withers, and weighs 75 lbs.