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A Low Shedding, Chocolate, Amber Eyed, Purebred, English American Labrador Retriever, Eebb, passed all 16 genetic tests.  Ragnar should produce some sweet, medium sized, well natured, Pure Breed AKC Black and Yellow AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale in Illinois. 

Ragnar is a pure breed 50/50 English/American Labrador Retriever.  He has more of an English blocky & build face but more of the American demeanor, more active and exciteable, but very tractable!  Ragnar is smart but also very easy going (scored a 4 on his aptitude test), has a very playful disposition.  Ragnar gets along well with all of our labs - even many of our other males which is VERY surprising.  Unaltered males tend to fight but Ragnar knows how to stay our of harm's way.  He is definitely more of a pack dog, never trying to buck for the lead.  One of my favorite things about Ragnar is his expressionate eyes that make Labs so famous.  Hopefully our photos will capture it. :)  Ragnar is on the larger side, weighs 75 lbs, standing 23" at the withers, meets AKC's conformation standards for size and appearance, is classified as a chocolate Labrador Retriever, and is AKC registered.