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white & yellow american akc lab puppies for sale in Pennsylvania, mom is so proud
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yellow english akc lab puppies for sale in Ohio taking a nap
yellow & chocolate english akc lab puppies for sale in West Virginia snuggled with sister lexi
white english akc lab puppies for sale in Virginia sleeping in bed
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This concludes some of our earliest Reviews from Google, Angie's List, and Yelp for USA Purebred Labs 
Above you'll find some of our first, for a complete list, go to Google or Angie's List 
 Reviews that are posted falsely, with malicious intent, or without transacting business, may be ruled as slander or defamation, punishable and remedied under the law.

JOY, Bhavin's Review:

We adopted yellow lab puppy from USA Purebred Labs and I will highly recommend this breeder to everybody who is looking for Pedigree pups. In few words USA Purebred is professional, responsible and caring, and for me how the pups are raised and treated matters the most.

-They are adopting a 2nd USA Purebred Lab..to be continued..

Hula, Becky's Review:

Tracy with USA Purebred Labs LLC (and her family) is a total rockstar when it comes to breeding and preparing your puppy to come home! Every step of the way, she's there - posting photos and videos of your pup and his/her littermates regularly on the USA Purebred Labs Facebook page, answering questions, providing detailed instructions and just making the experience a special one. This was our first dog as a family - we couldn't be happier with the breeding experience and our sweet little Yellow Lab. Our boys are in love, and so are we. Thanks, Tracy!

Ursi, Jenna's Review:

I brought my bundle of joy, Ms. Ursi, home a few weeks ago and couldn't be happier. I had a great experience with Tracy and USA purebred labs. Tracy is extremely responsive and very helpful in answering any questions throughout the process. I lost my 13 year old chocolate lab, Teako, late last year and of course was very sad and missed him greatly but knew I needed to open myself up to a new family member. Tracy was very compassionate and helped me through this process. She does an amazing matching pups with the right family and providing frequent updates so that you can see your pups process through the first few weeks. I would highly recommend USA purebred labs, the pups are true beauties and you will be more than satisfied with theexperience.

Dez Nicole's Review:

What a fantastic breeder!  We brought home a wonderful puppy -- already crate trained, potty trained (almost), neutered, micro-chiped.  We've had two other labs from different breeders.  They are/were wonderful dogs but this USA Purebred Labs was the best experience by far.  Tracy runs an awesome operation and clearly loves the dogs.  It shows.  It's not just a business!

Jones Maureen's review:

​Tracy was great to work with.   She kept us informed on how the puppies were doing by providing photos and videos almost daily. She is always available for questions and her advice is awesome.  She takes breeding seriously and has a vested interest in your lab!  We love our new family member and we could not have done it without Tracy and USA purebred!

Bailey Heather's Review:

Just wanted to say Thank you to Tracy and her family for an amazing experience with USA Purebred labs! She has a wonderful clean area where the puppies are born and cared for by her. The adult labs are on site and beautiful and they were well taken care of and they are amazing dogs! Tracy had a lot of knowledge and helpful hints for us to help with our new puppy we adopted. She is s wonderful warm person and I would highly recommend USA Purebred labs to anyone looking for a quality breeder and puppy! Thank you Tracy!! 

Heather M., Scottsdale, AZ

Lexi Darla's Review:

I Recently adopted the sweetest most amazing little yellow lab puppy from USA Purebred Labs LLC. I couldn't be happier with my new puppy, Lexi, or Tracy and USA Purebred Labs. Tracy provided daily photos and videos which made it easy to see the growth and temperament of each pup in the litter. At week 6, we were able to come visit our little girl along with her brothers and sister. This is my first time adopting a puppy since I was fairly young so I was a little nervous at first. Tracy provided detailed information on everything from grooming to training which made me feel confident and excited about my decision. I highly recommend USA Purebred Labs to anyone looking for a new furry family member!!!

​​Jake LeAnne's Review:

     I have had my new puppy for about a week now and he is doing very well! My last puppy I had for 6 months and he passed away tragically from Parvo.  He was my first dog and I was so heartbroken I never thought I would be able to try again. 
     When I moved to Arizona I knew right away that I wanted another lab and began to search for breeders. I searched the web for months and just could not find a decent breeder... or at least one with a website with enough information on it.  Some how though I ended up on the USA Purebred Labs website and took a look around.  I immediately knew that this was who I wanted to do business with.
     I called Tracy right away and we had the most amazing conversation. I told her a little bit about myself and my background and she told me about the company. She also informed me that they would not have any puppies available until Christmas and I was making this call in June. Regardless of the time it would take to acquire my pup I put my deposit down that same day!
     Over the next several months Tracy and I kept in touch and she was always available to answer any questions I had.  Once it got closer to the puppies being born we saw pictures of Raven and her belly with the puppies inside. There were also videos on the website of Raven and the other dogs. As the puppies experienced their first 8 weeks of life we were able to experience it with them. Tracy did a great job of taking the time to post pictures of the individual puppies, posted videos and even gave info regarding their health, weight and personality traits. 
     At around 6 weeks we were able to visit their property and meet the puppies.  It was nice to be able to see our puppy before we got to take him home... especially since I had been waiting so long to see him! Tracy just talked with us for hours about the best foods for dogs, exercise, training and basically everything you could ever want to know about dogs. Tracy also speaks very highly of The Dog Father training videos, which are incredible! 
     I seem to be going on and on but I seriously cannot say enough about Tracy and the company.  It just felt so nice to be put at ease with the heartbreak of my last puppy. I knew that this would be a breeder I could trust 110%!  Tracy is such a sweet and genuine person who truly cares about the puppies as well as your business.  These puppies are not cheap by any means but it is SO worth it! ...And besides you will end up paying about the same price if not more doing everything separate. I would recommend Tracy and USA Purebred Labs to everyone! She even crate trains the pups for you! Talk about getting what you pay for! 
     Thank you again Tracy and I am so excited to be part of the USA Purebred Family!

PorterEddie's Review:

​Tracy and Seth at USA Purebred labs were awesome! My wife and I had just lost one of our dogs and Tracy was very understanding and was a absolute pleasure to deal with. We just picked up our puppy (Porter) from them in January and Tracy was very professional and came through with everything she said. I highly recommend them to anybody looking to buy a happy and healthy lab puppy. Even after our purchase Tracy happily answers calls and e-mails with any questions we still might have. If I buy another puppy in the future it will come from USA Purebred Labs.

​Update: Porter has been the perfect addition to our family and we cannot thank you guys enough. Everyone comments about his sitting position and temperament and says that it is from a good breed. He loves riding in the front seat of my truck with me house hunting and going to home depot to finish our house to sell. My wife and I are looking to buy a house with a pool for ourselves and the dogs to get exercise when we don't have time to take them to the lake or the park. He has also become very popular at the fire station and visits me almost every shift. He is spoiled and sleeps in our bed with us and takes up my side when I am at work. Luckily he is starting to sleep in a little more on my days off because for a while I was woke up being licked on the face or pulling on my hand to go out to potty. He gets along with our other black lab Charly and keeps him young with all the playing. Again thank you and your family for raising such great dogs and for giving my wife and I Porter to add to our family. We would highly recommend USA Purebred Labs and our next puppy will definitely come from you also.

LeilaniGina's Review:

A big thank you to Tracy at USA Purebred Labs, LLC.  We couldn't be happier with our lab puppy. Tracy is so wonderful to work with. Her knowledge of the bred and  love for her dogs and puppies is amazing. We were able to visit her home to meet the puppies when they were 6 weeks old and got to see the parents. All of her dogs are so beautiful and well taken care of. Tracy was always available if we had any questions or concerns. It was great how she keeps you up to date with pictures  and videos of the puppies on a daily basis. She also goes the extra step and crate trains and potty trains the puppies. A BIG PLUS!!!!! We have had Leilani home for 5 days now and she has never used the bathroom in her sleeping crate. During the day she knows to run to our back door (no doggy door) when she needs to use the bathroom.  It is so nice not having to wake up in the middle of the night to let the puppy outside to go to the bathroom. We love our Leilani, she is very well socialized and smart. I loved how Tracy and her 2 kids (in elf costumes) delivered Leilani to our home on Christmas Day. If your thinking about purchasing a lab puppy, you need to check out the USA Purebred Labs website. It is filled with so much useful information. Tracy does a great job keeping it updated. Thank you once again Tracy for all your hard work. Thank you for welcoming us into your "lab family".

Shawn's Review:

Tracy and USA pure bred labs is great! We just got our puppy from them this Christmas ! Tracy was very professional and came through with everything she said. I highly recommend them!
SluggerTika's Review:
Best experience I have ever had!  You won't be disappointed.  Tracy kept us updated from the moment we decided to add to our family.  This was a big decision and Tracy helped to calm our fears and give us the best gift she could for our kids. From the moment the puppies were born we received daily updates and videos.  It was great to see the growth of each puppy.  She even sent us information on training them and began crate training them. Her bubbly personality was a joy and we knew our puppy was loved throughout the entire process.  She truly cares about each puppy as if she was keeping them all. Every detail is thought of.  No other breeder can compare to the love, value and time that she puts into these Labs.  Hands down the best choice was choosing usapurebredlabs.com!!!!!

DaisyJenny's Review:

We adopted a new furry friend a couple of days ago (Bailey’s litter) and have had nothing but an AMAZING experience.  From day one of talking to Tracy (the owner) you can tell the love she has for these dogs and the breeding process.  She exudes happiness and truly enjoys the puppies.  If you’re looking for a breeder that is reliable, reputable, and has a true love of dogs look no further.  The nice thing is that they involve you in the process. You’re alerted when the puppies are born, and she posts videos of the puppies as they are growing week by week. They do all the work for you, micro-chipping, vaccinating, spay/neutering, crate and doggy door training, and provide steps for when you get your puppy home.  We’ve had our puppy Daisy home for a couple of days now and we are over the moon in love with her.  I’m ecstatic we went through USA Purebred Labs.  It’s the full package, you will not be disappointed.

EmmaLinda's Review:

We recently adopted our lab puppy from USA Purebred Labs.   We were very pleased with our experience.  From the beginning through taking our new lab home.  Tracy is great at communication.  She keeps you informed the whole way through the process.  The pictures and videos were a big plus. Their breeding parents are beautiful.   We felt comfortable we were getting the best in a purebred lab. We recommend USA  Purebred Labs if you are looking for an outstanding lab.  We love our new lab, she is beautiful.  Tracy was a pleasure to work with.  She is knowledgeable and her passion for the dogs is evident in all she does.  Thank you USA Purebred Labs!

Reviews from Google, Angie's List, and Yelp for

USA Purebred Labs

Below you'll find some of our first, for a complete list, go to Google or Angie's List

 Reviews that are posted falsely, with malicious intent, or without transacting business, may be ruled as slander or defamation, punishable and remedied under the law.

AllieKim's Review:

"I was very pleased with the lab puppy we received from

USA Purebreds. I was extremely skeptical to purchase a puppy from a company that would not let me tour their facilities to verify they were a legitimate business. I work in the criminal justice system and deal with shady people doing business all the time. It is in my nature to think the worst of people and have them prove me wrong. Tracy was a pleasure to deal with. I had an instant connection with her. I spoke with her prior to making the deposit. She re-assured me by being professional, informative, knowledgeable, and kind hearted. Her daily updates of pictures, videos and emails made me feel part of the puppies first 8 weeks of life. Allie, our dog was healthy, well socialized and happy. I would recommend USA Purebred to anyone looking for a lab puppy. We liked the service we received so much we are thinking of adopting another puppy so Allie with have a friend."

Walter Kristin's Review:

I cannot say enough good about Tracy and USA Purebred Labs. My family had a very painful experience with a previous lab puppy purchase. Once we were ready to try again, I made sure to do the proper research and go about it the RIGHT way. We couldn't handle another broken heart. I read many articles and reviewed several breeder websites. I spoke with other dog owners, vets, and breeders. In the end, it was an easy choice.  
​ USA Purebred Labs clearly offers the best.  Our pup is an investment that will be with our family for many, many years and it is worth every penny. Tracy not only provides quality dogs, but on going vaccinations, microchipping, spaying/neutering, etc. Additionally, as our little Walter was preparing to come home, I was regularly provided with video and photo updates of his sweet face and growth. I will treasure these records for years.  Tracy has gone above and beyond to ensure a great experience. She is a wonderfully kind and helpful business owner who not only cares about her dogs but her customers as well. As she says on her website, we truly feel like part of an extended family. We are in love with our pup and look forward to sharing our family's future with him. If you are considering purchasing your own lab, I wholeheartedly recommend USA Purebred Labs. You will not be disappointed!

Junior Ryan & Melissa's Review:

Tracy and USA Pure Bred Labs is a top-notch breeder. I am a lifelong Lab owner and the quality of the dogs and services provided by USA Pure Bred Labs was exceptional! USA Pure Bred Labs is by far the best breeder I have encountered. If you are looking for a new puppy, I highly recommend doing business with USA Pure Bred Labs!

Lambeau Bob & Denise's Review:

We are extremely pleased with the experience of adopting a puppy from USA Purebred Labs!! Tracy was a joy to work with from our original inquiry thru the adoption. Our new puppy is healthy and happy due to the great care Tracy and her family provided. It was wonderful to receive frequent photos and videos of our puppy Lambeau, as we waited for our new family member . We would recommend USA Purebred Labs to anyone looking for a lab puppy. 

​Luna Holly & Jordan's Review:

We have a 5 year old lab, and we were looking to purchase a sidekick for her to spend the rest of her life with. As we began our search for a reputable breeder, we noticed a couple of things: a lot of the breeders didn't have all of the paperwork, a lot of the breeders didn't legitimately care about not only the customer, but the puppies and the breed as a whole, and a lot of the breeders did not have proper communication skills. However, we are so fortunate to have found Tracy at USA Purebred Labs, LLC. Her levels of enthusiasm, communication, and competence in being a lab breeder are, without question, second to none in Arizona. We were able to meet with her and our future puppy beforehand, and she was open to answer any and all questions we had about the process. Also, we were able to pay for our puppy using PayPal, which is our preferred method of choice. The transactions were easy and well documented. Tracy listened to all of our wishes throughout the entire process. She also is one of the only breeders we found in Arizona who would honor our wishes not to remove the dewclaws, which was a deal breaker for us for other breeders. Tracy also updated us throughout our puppy's maturation via pictures and video, text messaging, and e-mail, so we felt like we were there the entire time while our puppy was weening. Tracy is a pure sweetheart with lots of energy and commitment who really, genuinely cares about what she does.   Luna is only 8 weeks old now, but she quickly learned things such as how to go in and out of the doggie door, and when to get in and out of her kennel. She is also catching on very quickly to commands such as "sit". We are excited to see what the future holds, but we are so happy that we came across Tracy's website. Again, if you are looking for a labrador retriever puppy to add to your home, USA Purebred Labs is our #1 choice! -Jordan, Holly & Luna 

Axel Jeff & Misha's Review:

From the minute we saw the first pictures of our Axel our experience has been a joy. Axel is healthy, personable, curious, confident and gorgeous – all signs of a wonderful breeder and a great environment. Our puppy was well socialized and so happy, even traveling with us, virtual strangers, almost 2 hours on the way home. During the process, Tracy sent us photos and videos, and when we wanted to see more and more of our little guy, she sent us more, and all with a smile! We really appreciate Tracy’s professionalism too, as all our transactions have been easy and secure, and we have documentation about the DNA testing and plenty of AKC and care instructions, and she is going above and beyond to help check out Vets in our area. We highly recommend USA Purebred Labs (and we have) to anyone who wants a new perfect lab as part of their family. And who knows, Axel may just need a buddy!

Kapaia Evelyn's Review:

I am so impressed with USA Purebred Labs!  From the first contact, Tracy responded right away and answered all of my questions.  So much information is given on her website that explains the process, costs, general care for the little pups!  The reassurances of the DNA for her labs as well as the value:  puppy spay/neuter, shots for puppies - that in itself is a good deal of money and for me it was one less thing to worry about as I was planning to spay my little Kapaia anyways. Tracy sent plenty of pictures and videos of my chosen new pup, keeping me up to date!  It was awesome to see Kapaia's stages as she was growing.  I would highly recommend USA Purebred Labs as a "top dog" choice when considering adding to your family.  Tracy has been so communicative and helpful - I am so happy with my choice and little Kapaia.  I don't have any qualms about reaching out to Tracy if I have any questions or need advice with my puppy - that, to me, is a very important part of choosing her over anyone else - a good comfort level, great customer service and not just a transaction!  I'm now the proud mom of a beautiful, healthy little lab!  Let the fun continue.......