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A Black, Amber Eyed, Purebred, American Labrador Retriever, EeBb, passed all 16 genetic tests, good hips, our calmest tempered female.  Smokey produces calm and well tempered, English/American looking pure breed black, yellow, and white AKC Labrador Retriever puppies for sale in Arizona.

Smokey has been tested for all 15 genetic disease tests plus pure breed identification.  Smokey was selected for her smarts.  As a puppy Smokey sat and learned her name within 2 commands using only praise.  Although she is just as athletic as our other American labs, her temperament is extraordinarily calm and submissive (especially for an American!).   Smokey is very playful and active within the pack, she has a serious demeanor and is very alert to what's going on around her at all times.  Smokey is one of the first to let us know someone is approaching our property and alerts the crew to send the bark signal. When Smokey is up at the house with us, it's  like someone turned off a switch - she turns into a total lounger and is super chill.  When she's with the pack, her and Ashley are joined at the hip.  Where Ashley goes, Smokey must follow, even if it means jumping a fence! :)  Like her mom, Smokey loves a good belly rub.  Like her mom, Smokey has matured into an amazing mother.  Unlike many of our labs who start to leave their pups at 4 weeks, Smokey continues to feed her pups, lay with her pups, allowing them to climb on her and play with her ears etc.  She has a high tolerance for puppy play. :)  Smokey's coat is nice and thin thanks to her American background.  Smokey meets AKC's conformation standards for size and appearance, is AKC registered, weighs 65 lbs, and measures 23" from the withers.