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USA Purebred Labs LLC

Summer 2022 

AKC Lab Puppies for Sale in Scottsdale, AZ

Breeding Service Fee includes Just The Pup Service Package

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2 is Better than 1 Discount
1st Pick - $2195
2nd & 3rd Pick - $1995
4th + Pick - $1795

Charlotte & Nitro - 50/50 English/American - All 3 colors expected: 1/4 chocolates, 1/4 blacks, 1/4 yellows, 1/4 Dudleys (pink nosese)

AKC Lab Puppies in Scottsdale, AZ 
This litter will be tested for genetics.  There is a probability 
of random selection that 1/2 should be low shedding, the other 1/2 will be moderate 
shedding.  If you select a low shed pup, add $300 to offset for genetic testing costs

Estimates: Due mid March, Ready for Homes beginning of May 
1st Pick - low shed female pref
2nd Pick - low shed choc male pref

3rd Pick - OPEN

4thPick- OPEN

5th Pick - OPEN

6th Pick - OPEN

7th Pick - OPEN

​​​2 is Better than 1 Discount

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