World's 1st Low Shedding Lab Puppies 

USA Purebred Labs LLC

Anthony's Y

A yellow, brown eyed, 50/50 English-American Purebred Labrador Retriever, eeBB, passed all 16 genetic tests, good hips.  Y is special.  She has 2 both copies of the low shedding gene.  Therefore all of her pups will receive 1 copy of the lowing shedding gene, and should shed less than your typical lab.  Y makes the most gorgeous, Pure Breed English/American Yellow AKC Lab Puppies for Sale in Arizona.

Y has been tested for 15 genetic diseases plus pure breed identification.  Y is an awesome combination of our English and American lines.  Y is Bailey & Duke's daughter.  Thanks to her dad, Y has 30 Field and Master Hunter championships in her 6 generation pedigree. Anthony named Y after one of our favorite kid friendly places, the YMCA.  Within the pack, Y is 2nd rank to her mom.  When mom's away, Y is in charge.  We love Y because like her parents, she is calm and obedient without any training.  She is a happy go lucky girl, always prancing and jumping around so merrily.  Y sports a sturdy body like an English Lab with all the energy and drive of an American Lab.  Y loves to play and loves to get dirty. Anytime it rains, you can find Y getting totally muddy with a huge smile on her face.  Though she can get rough and tough, you wouldn't know it an hour later.  She cleans herself up well.  One minute she is covered in mud head to toe, the next she looks prim and proper.  We love Y's coat.  Like her mom's, it's as soft as a pillow.  Y also has a special connection with puppies.  She really knows how to play with them and keep their attention and she really enjoys it, always going back for more.  Of all our labs, the pups will follow Y around the most.  Y is eager to earn treats, is a bit of an attention hog, is best friends with Smokey, and can almost keep up with our full blooded American Labs.  Y meets AKC conformation standards for size and appearance, is AKC registered, weighs 65 lbs and measures 23" from the withers.