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 $995 Moderate Shed

$1,295 Low Shed

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In-Cabin Puppy Flight with Puppy Nanny Delivery to The Phoenix International Airport estimated for January 26th - cost is $100

Only 2 Spots Available!

Currently, shipping is running $630 all inclusive anywhere American Airlines flies, which is all over the USA.

Khaleesi x Leo 

Estimated to be 60 - 85# as adults. 
DOB 11/20/21, Genders & colors, TBA
Full or Limited AKC Registration.  
Reservations will open up after pups are DNA tested for Low vs Moderate Shedding genes. 
Contact us to receive priority/early bird reservation notice.
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​Reservations Available:

Yellow Female Daisy Collar Low Shed - OPEN
Yellow Male Red Collar - Moderate Shed - OPEN
Black Male Red Collar -  Low Shed - OPEN
Black Female Purple Collar -  Low Shed - OPEN
Black Female Teal Collar -  Low Shed - OPEN​

Yellow & Black ​​Low Shed AKC Lab Puppies for Sale in Illinois, Missouri Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, & Arizona.  Full & Limited AKC Registration Available.

Khaleesi's Christmas 2021 - Non Refundable Deposit