Home to The World's 1st Low Shedding Labrador Retriever, Low Shedding AKC Lab Puppies for Sale!  We are the BEST & Most Reputable Labrador Retriever Breeder in the USA.  
 Yellow, White, Chocolate, Black, AKC, English & American Lab Puppies for Sale.  Full & Limited AKC Registration Available. 
AKC Lab puppies for sale online to Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

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World's 1st & ONLY Low Shedding AKC Lab Puppies for Sale

9 white & yellow english akc lab puppies for sale in Kentucky waiting for the vet

Home to The World's 1st Low Shedding Labrador Retriever.  We are the BEST Labrador Retriever Breeder in the USA.  Yellow, White, Chocolate, Black, AKC, English & American Pure Breed Low Shedding AKC Lab Puppies for Sale in Illinois, Missouri Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, & Arizona. 

Full & Limited AKC Registration Available.

4 white pure breed AKC Lab Puppies for sale in Indiana, waiting playing in pen

 ​​​Breed Identity Tested via DNA Sample = Pure Breed + Hips Tested + 15 Genetic Diseases that Ail this Breed

Reservations for our Current Litters:

Rare LOW SHED Stud for Sale - Leo!

Moderate Shed Stud for Sale - Titus!

Older Pups - Low & Moderate Shed AKC Lab Puppies for Sale!

Black Male AKC Lab Puppy - Ready Now!

Yellow & Black Low Shedding AKC Lab Puppies - Ready end of January!

Yellow & Black Moderate & Low Shedding AKC Lab Puppies - Ready end of January!

Chocolate, Yellow, & Black Moderate Shedding AKC Lab Puppies for Sale - Ready for Valentine's Day!

We only take reservations for our current litters.  We do not take reservations on future litters.  ​Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for birth announcements & photos for our new litters!

​​General Puppy Rearing Process *

About a week after birth, pictures will be posted to our Instagram or Facebook Page and exact dates to the respective litter page.  


Moms are brought inside the nursery

Moms are separated from the pack starting at their 4th week pregnant and receive additional protein and vitamins. Inside our large home, we maintain a heated/air-conditioned 14' x 20' nursery.  The nursery is where the pups will spend their first 4 weeks of life.  The expecting moms are free to go inside and outside as they please.  Moms will typically start to nest around 6 weeks and will eventually whelp their pups on the 60th day of gestation in their own private 4' x 8' whelping box designed with the pup's safety in mind.  Pups will spend the first 4 weeks of their life primarily in this whelping box.  Bedding is changed daily so your pup gets accustomed to keeping a clean environment from day 1.  When the pups are born, we'll announce it within a day of their birth. We post photo & video updates once a week. ​

Newborn - 2 weeks

Dew Claw Removal 

About a week after birth, we'll post pictures to Instagram or Facebook page and update the Important Dates link that you'll want to mark your calendar for.  Pups are born deaf and blind. Pup's dewclaws are removed at 3 days old. Right around 2 weeks old, the pups will start to open their eyes.  Pups are well socialized from birth with our family handling them several times throughout the day.  

3 Weeks

At 3 weeks the pups can fully see, hear, begin to interact with each other, and start to develop their personalities.  The pup's teeth noticeably start to erupt in the backs of their mouths.  

4 weeks

Moms begin to naturally ween their pups

Starting around 4 weeks moms will naturally start to wean their pups by walking away when they try to suck. Pups will start to get teeth in the fronts of their mouth.  They will look to chew on my hands, shoes, pants, showing me that they are teething. I'll introduce chew toys to alleviate their desire to chew.   Depending on the litter and their development, we will either begin to supplement the pup's food with formula or introduce Super Premium Puppy Food.  At this stage, the pups begin to interact a lot more with each other.    

Pups receive Parvo & Distemper Vaccinations.

5 weeks

By 5 weeks, the pups really start to wake up, move around, and play with each other throughout the day.  The pups will spend most of their day playing, napping, learning who is the strongest and weakest in the pack.  

Pups receive 2nd rounds of Parvo & Distemper Vaccinations.

Usually litters graduate to our puppy grad space at around 5-7 weeks in age.

6 weeks

Pups are naturally and usually completely weened by now

By 6 weeks pups are virtually weened.  During the day, the moms won’t allow their pups to suck anymore. Moms will walk away and sometimes even growl at their pups to discourage them.  By 6 weeks mom's milk production will have dropped dramatically.  Although most litters are entirely naturally weened by now, the mom has complete access to her pups until the time they go home and can feel free to feed/teach them as she pleases. 

Pups receive a 3rd round of Parvo & Distemper Vaccinations.

​7 weeks

7 week "all in one" vaccination

All Pups are Micro Chipped

7-8 Weeks

Puppy Take Home

Boarding / Delayed Pick Up Available

Available to pups only.  Once a pup has gone home, we do not offer boarding.

$5/night to cover basic care.   We do not send updates or post pictures after Take Home Date.

Additional Vaccinations During Boarding / Delayed Pick Up Required:

We need to be able to keep all pups up to date on vaccinations.  We charge $35 per set of vaccinations at 9 weeks, 12 week, and 16 weeks in age.